2 November, 2018 2 November, 2018

Tuffy Dung Beetle Beach Clean Up

Zag in association with Tuffy and teaming up with new friends The Dung Beetle Project and Alliance Earth hosted our very own beach clean up. Following that, and by way of the Dung Beetle Project, we converted our collected plastic waste into fuel. Check it!


The Dung Beetle Project is a steel sculpture covering a plastic gasification system. This photogenic moving art piece changes single-use plastics into fuel, instantly giving it a purpose and a value! Plastics that before now never broke down, never bio-degraded, never went away and had no use or monetary value whatsoever. Believe it because it’s true. 

Finally a big thank you to everyone who made it down to the beach to lend a hand to the sand, as well as Tuffy, Firewire and Share the Stoke Foundation for supporting such a phenomenal nationwide campaign to keep our coasts clean.  

All images Greg Ewing

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