10 August, 2019 10 August, 2019

You’ve Seen Toledo’s Now It’s Time For Italo’s

If you didn’t see Toledo’s África edit, which documented the man’s recent stint in SA then go back and 13 words and click the brazza’s name! Now that you’ve caught yourself up, or if you were already dialed in, lets’ move on to Italo.

In the edit below Italo can be seen whipping J-Bay into submission whilst shoving full backhand roats in your bek (obvs a lot more)! It’s honestly brutal, the man makes use of sections of J-Bays wave wall that most people, no words best surfers, just pass bye! 

You can’t compare the two edits really and to be honest who cares, the only thing that could be faulty… that track used in Italo’s otherwise flawless free surf shabang!!

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