2 April, 2020 2 April, 2020

Welcome to the Life of Von Froth

Nazare is undisputedly the biggest wave in the world, that’s why the World Surf League has decided to hold the first-ever Big Wave Tow Challenge at Nazare. In this episode, Nic von Rupp and his Tow Partner Francisco Porcella, take us through the preparation of the Nazare Challenge, the day of the event and the drastic ending of it where their good friend Alex Botelho suffers a horrendous accident that almost takes his life. From the highest highs to lowest lows, welcome to the rollercoaster life of the von Froth
“The day of the Nazare Challenge was really good, my partner Porcella and I were really in sync both riding some big waves and having a load of fun. After 3 heats my day had ended and I was requested at the athletes’ area for some Interviews, as I was showing up at the contest I see Alexes accident. For me it was the gnarliest moment of my life, coming in accomplishes adrenaline high surviving the big waves to seeing my brother right in front of my eyes fighting for his life.. what a crazy moment” – Nic Von Rupp

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