30 April, 2019 30 April, 2019

Watch the Platinum-Maned Dane Gudang in ‘WIND’

Dane Gudauskas, surfings platinum-maned Lurch. Stretched like a mako shark and long-faced like an anteater with teeth as wide as Gimli’s ax blade the man has a heart of pure gold as well as a serious ability to eviscerate any wave face… lip and all!

There’s something refreshing about watching a 20ft man lean into anything and everything with not poise nor grace but irrefutable style!! The hair, the vibe, the psychedelic decal it’s all groovy like a tropical smoothie. And that track, it just fits the bill! Smash play, clear your desk and get ready to rage, or head smash… whatever its skeetz!!

Image – Greg Ewing

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