23 April, 2019 23 April, 2019

Watch Matty McG in ‘Opening Sequence’

The JBay local, Matty McGillivray, is a well-known name out in the water. Relatively quiet and unassuming Matt lets his surfing do the talking so you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s a screaming blonde Howler monkey!

This year Matty has been hard at work on the QS grind traveling and shredding it up! Whilst at home he’s been maximising his time on the running rights that have brought his home town worldwide fame. The man’s explosive, like a coiled viper ready to strike at any ground mammal stupid enough to scurry past. He embraces the Talladega Nights philosophy and ‘wants to go fast’ where after he’s quick to take to the air.

If he were some kind of woodland creature the man would be described as ‘part avian’ by the David Attenborough’s of the world due to his aerial prowess. But he’s not a woodland creature, a viper or a chiseled albino Howler monkey, he’s a MAN!!

Enough of the make-believe biology, just hit play and watch Matty going H.A.M! 

Opening Sequence from Matthew McGillivray on Vimeo.

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