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Watch: Good Vibes Bring Good Tribes

After a stella year of South African surfing with epic waves and gnarly wipeouts, one surfer rose above the rest to take home more than just bragging rights and a comically large cheque but a return trip to Hawaii (valued at 30k), R50 000 cash and R40 000 worth of surfboards and accessories. And that man was one of Durban’s finest, Davey Van Zyl. To make the moment even more memorable, the winning wave was filmed by his girlfriend Tatum Holder who danced away with R20 000 cash.

“Tatum was in Maritzburg the night before… I knew the wave was gonna be firing so I kinda guilted her into coming through to film it all. I landed up having some of the best waves of my life, the conditions were flawless…Scoring waves like that was a prize in itself but then to get a trip to Hawaii out of it along with 50k was just such a bonus. Big thanks to everyone who made it all possible!” – Davey Van Zyl


The night went down in style, with nothing but good vibes and a couple tasty Light Lagers courtesy of the legends at Striped Horse.  Safe to say everybody had a great time and one helluva skit, as we are well sure you can see from the video above.

If you missed out on any of the comp, or wanna re live it all one more time take a trip back through the years archives. Huge thanks to everyone who made it out, yeeew 🤙. Was laka to check all your salty mugs.

(Davey’s winning wave)

The competition also set out to reward those who put more than their boards on the line, but their bodies too, offering up the overall Season’s Beatings prize winner, Jake Kolnik R10 000 cash, whilst the photographer, Grant Scholtz, walked away with R5 000 cash.

(Jake’s winning beating)

A special mention must go the way of the event sponsors and their continued support in pushing forward South African surfing: Striped Horse Beer, Hurricane Surf and Bos Ice Tea who all pulled together to dish up one of SA’s richest prize purse specialty surf events.

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