3 October, 2018 3 October, 2018

“True Surf” – WSL & Surfline Launch Mobile Game

The game was developed by True Axis and is partnered and financed by both the WSL and Surfline and, to be honest, we don’t immediately hate it. As a starting point, let’s discuss the waves. The virtual blue peelers have been rendered off actual waves such as Pipeline, Cloudbreak, Snapper, J-Bay, Trestles, Namibia and heaps more breaking similarly to their real world counterparts. Conditions vary so the wave ain’t always cooking and throwing double overhead. 

This is perhaps where Surfline chime in as just like in our tangible non-fictional existence the swell remains dependent, environmentals such as wind, and tides which are based upon actual forecasts. So while one location is going off it’s nut another is 1-foot and garbage.

Bringing more realism to the jol, each and every wave that comes in is different from the next. Like out in the big blue waves file-in in sets varying in their size, shape and speed at which they peel off down the line. Be prepared to loose your patientiece, just as you do out in the lineup, whilst you wait for those gems. 

Apparently, nothing beats autonomy in video game entertainment, and this game has exactly that as it leaves you to spend half your time floundering in the white water as you duff another late take off. The game may not be perfect, but it’s the best we’ve seen on a handheld device and thankfully these lineups aint choaked.




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