12 September, 2019 12 September, 2019

The Perfect Indo dream – Nic Von Rupp

Desert Point is one of Indo’s most perfect but also most punishing waves. It’s a place that’ll either leave you with the barrels of your life or a terrifying nightmare playing out over dry reef.

During a recent swell, Nic scored all-time conditions for four days straight and got himself into some of the deepest tunnels imaginable.

“As a goofy, it’s been a dream to score that place. I chased this good looking swell and scored 4 days of the true Indo dream. I love Indo, for me, it’s a great easy place to go from Europe for a few summer swells. It’s the opposite to our heavy cold slabs in Europe, which makes it a perfect getaway trip.” ~ Nic Von Rupp

Filmed and edited by Mendo Dornellas Additional Footage by Alessio Saraifoger, Margarita Salyak, Kako Lopes

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