30 July, 2019 30 July, 2019

The Escape: Featuring Alana Blanchard

It’s a little different to your normal edit, unconventional we’d say. If you asked us where the highlights were, we’d say the dialogue expressed in Alana’s surfing soliloquy. In the 3 minutes, the soon to be Mrs. Freestone has a crack at unpacking that feeling – only a surfer knows. 

“The Escape is a short film featuring Hawaiian pro surfer Alana Blanchard. For Alana, the act of surfing is about the sport as much as it is about the rare opportunity it grants her to be purely in the moment. Throughout a kaleidoscope of visuals in and out of one of Alana’s favorite surf spots on Kauai, this film expands on the sensation leading up to and after the joy of those moments where a sense of all-consuming happiness is met by the bliss of knowing that nothing matters more than being present. With Alana, this takes the form of surfing some of the most famous, world-class waves”. ~ Drew Doggett



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