6 August, 2019 6 August, 2019

The Barrel in 3rd Person

Koa Smith and Chris Rogers linked up last year, in Namibia, dropping a clip that basically broke the internet. So this year, they’d have to have really brought something new to the table other than insane drone piloting and footage. Did they do it? Well have a look at the clips below, and I think you’ll agree that they sure as hell did exactly that!

I returned to Skeleton Bay in Namibia with Koa Smith to try do a repeat of what we captured last year except with a new never before seen angle of the wave shot with the GoPro Fusion 360 Camera and the Sail Video System backpack mount!” ~ Chris Rogers

“I bring you my new perspective from one of the best barrels I’ve had. Africa has a special place in my heart and it kind of actually controls my life! ha! I was deep in Indonesia filming for our series and then this swell popped up on the forecast! We called that trip a wrap and flew 40 hours to this place.” ~ Koa Smith

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