9 May, 2018 9 May, 2018

Surfing the Eisbach with Bastian Haberler

Just past a bridge near the Haus der Kunst art museum, the Eisbach river forms a standing wave about one metre high which has become a popular river surfing spot. The wave has been surfed since 1972, and surfing competitions have even been held. For the past 8 years, surfing has been officially permitted on the river. A sign next to the wave warns that “Due to the forceful current, the wave is suitable for skilled and experienced surfers only.” 

Alexander Kibble recently popped in to get a closer look and had the following to add:

“Whilst shooting this unique surf spot in the centre of Munich, Germany, my attention was drawn to Bastian – I really appreciated his riding style and skill on the wave. I approached him and asked if he was interested in making a video, the very next day we met up and put it all together”.

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