29 November, 2018 29 November, 2018

Surf Reel: Wez Lewis

Earlier on in the year, we hit up a couple of Mzansi’s finest creative minds when it comes to surfing. Taking the camera and turning the lens a full 180, setting the focal point back on them!! The brief was simple, we want to hear their thoughts on shooting video, as well as see a little bit of what they’ve been up to. We couldn’t be happier with the result:

First up, Wesley Lewis:

Director’s reel ‘2018 of Wesley Lewis from Wesley Lewis on Vimeo.

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Music by ‘Jain’
song: Makeba

Additional filmers:
Michael Veltman & Taghiti Gericke

Narrated by
Maddy Botte

Surfers & Models

Jordy Smith
Koa Smith
Taghiti Gericke
Koa Rothman
Seth Moniz
Gavin Beschen
Kristen Boswell
Luke & Conner Slijpen
Luca Lasseur
Michael Veltman & Reece Allison
Steven Sawyer
Jordan Maree
Mason Ho
Olivia O’ Murphy


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