13 November, 2018 13 November, 2018

Raw Nazaré Carnage

Russel Bierke, at just 21 years young, is lucky to walk away with just a mild bit of whiplash following one helluva beating at Nazaré, a wave many have paid some serious tax to play. 

Bierke, no stranger to waves of consequence, is a highly respected talent in the Big Wave Surfing world. Back in 2016, he took home ultimate bragging rights, as well as an ass ton of street cred by winning the mythical “Red Bull Cape Fear”, and the brah was only 19!! 

Raw footage has emerged of the Australian wunderkind attempting to slay the Portuguese demon, Nazaré. Check out the footage below!

“This was by far my longest hold down ever, felt like I could barely walk up the beach when I got there” – Russel Bierke


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