25 July, 2019 25 July, 2019

Nathan Florence in “There And Back Again”

If a skid mark could be represented by a hairstyle, it would be that of Nathan Florence with Mikey Wright coming in at a close second. His hairstyle may be questionable, but his surfing is anything but. The man’s been blowing up of late from Instagram to youtube Nathans’ face is everywhere, probably more so than his brother John John (at the moment).

The reason being no doubt due to the insane amount of time he’s been spending in sickeningly big tubes. After watching the below edit I think my estrogen levels went up. I felt like less of a man. Or maybe I’m just sane and not hellbent with a death wish like Nate. Let this serve the same purpose as your ‘get psyched’ playlist for the next time the charts are looking stacked! 


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