2 May, 2019 2 May, 2019

Kai Lenny Eats Crazy for Breakfast

Kai Lenny’s big wave season highlights have been keeping me up at night!! How and why, the two questions that keep slamming my frontal lobe. Anyway you cut this cloth the oue is just straight up crazy to do what he does…

Arguably one of humankinds greatest ever watermen, there’s a special place reserved in this world for hellmen like Kai. I’m pretty sure when he wakes up he gets out of bed and tap dances his way to the bathroom across a lego covered floor just to spike his a adrenal gland… before screaming at himself in the mirror whilst smiling ear to ear like the Joker.

But their ain’t nothing funny about his surfing, it’s downright HARD… coffin nail type stuff!!


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