18 January, 2019 18 January, 2019

Jordy Steals the Show in #HawaiiLive

Take it back a month or so ago, where Jordy arguably stuck it to Medina in the Pipe semis. Well get use to that, not the judging crime (hopefully) but the hardness of the 30-year-old South African Big Foot. If the video edit is anything to go by, where Jordy  unequivocally steals the show, the mans looking hot going into 2019.

Since purchasing a laka posie on the North Shore Jordy has been fine tuning that backhand attack, which I’m pretty sure we can agree will serve him well this year on the CT. 

The annual Team O’Neill winter trip to Hawaii has finally come to a close. We spent a solid grip of time on the North Shore and saw some incredible surfing go down. From Eli Olson’s outer reef bomb to Soli Bailey’s WCT qualification, it was a season to remember” – Team O’Neill

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