17 September, 2019 17 September, 2019

Craig Anderson & the Holy Grail

Craig Anderson. The Hayden Shapes guy. The Saffa expat. The man who put your senses into overdrive on the cover of Issue 43.5 of the Zag just dropped a neat clip from his time in New Zealand.


The Clip isn’t so much about crazing surfing mixed into some dreamy wavescape but rather an edit on the Holy Grail shape from Hayden—that was the reason Craig and Dion ventured toward to the land of the long white cloud, to film on the Grail.

Word of advice hit play and skip to the 3 minutes 20-second mark. Turns out Ando categorizes himself as a surfing noob. Back to surf school you go, mate. In case you missed Craigs cover, here you go:

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