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Corona X Parley – Durban with Frank Solomon

The cross-country Corona Coastal Cleanup Tour headed up by Frank Solomon, kicked off November last year. The trip stretching from Durban to Cape Town, saw Frank visit various NGO’s, marine biologists, shark specialists and other local experts, all fighting for the longevity of our oceans. These local experts aimed to highlight the shocking effects of marine pollution and its effect on our coastline’s natural beauty. 

Day one saw Frank meet up with Cam Service from The Litterboom Project (TLP) an initiative that focusses on a litter catchment system to collect rubbish along three rivers in Durban, with the principal setup along the Umgeni river. 

Unbeknownst to many, the Umgeni is the most polluted river in the country and without projects such as the Litterboom and the selfless act of cleaning up after someone else, the amount of plastic that would make its way out to sea would be far worse. Every bit of plastic plucked from the natural environment and discarded appropriately, goes a long way in making a difference both on a short term and long term scale.  

As we build up to the Corona Open Jbay 2019, we will be releasing 8 episodes that documented last years cross country trip, in efforts to raise even more awareness of the plastic crisis our oceans are facing as well as feature some of our countries men and women fighting to make a change. 

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Initiated in 2017, The Litterboom Project – TLP – was the pilot phase of a solution to alleviating the increase in marine plastic pollution, by targeting the river systems, instead of dealing with it only at the oceans.

90% of marine plastic pollution comes from river systems, therefore, the LTP team has devoted themselves to this preventative solution. 

Over the past year and a half, they have successfully been able to prevent 14 000kgs of plastic from reaching the ocean through the hard work of a very small team. 

Over the past 4 months, TLP has managed to grow their footprint in the Durban area, through the support of donations of individuals, as well as corporate sponsorship, ramping their collections to over 55 000kgs. 

The belief is that true intervention starts with the public, engaging with meaningful projects such as this, be it sacrificing time to join them for clean-ups or donating to the cause. Every little bit helps a tremendous amount. 


Two out three breathes come from the ocean. How do you make sure they’re plastic free? Corona and Zigzag are challenging you to tell us how you are making a better world. Show us what you’re doing to protect your paradise by taking to Instagram and challenge three of your friends to get involved and do the same and you and a friend could be joining us at the Corona Open J-Bay as a VIP. Winner to be announced on the 25th of June 2019. 

Ts & Cs

  • You must be 18 years and older in order to enter
  • You must be available to travel between the 12-15th of July
  • In your POST (not story) Tag @corona @Zigzagsurf and make use of the hashtags #protectparadise and #coronaopenjbay and challenge 3 of your mates to get involved.


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