3 May, 2020 3 May, 2020

African Sensimelia

Fresh from 1998, we bring you: African Sensimilia!

As Neil Webster puts it. “This was our cherry popper journey into video and we where lucky enough to get invited to the first Gotcha Experiencia at Ponta Do Ouro, in 1998 by Gavin Spowart. We were covering the SA champs at Seals which used to be the biggest local event of the year and he asked us to please come check out this new invite style event “The Experiencia” which was going to be in Mozambique in May. I was like fuck yes please!

So the video is based around an insane South Swell that started in Kalk Bay, with some awesome barrels, the next day we drove to J-Bay which was going tilt, only got the sunset session with Sean Holmes and some lucky locals. Next day we drove to Durbs, which was closing out, and on to Ponta for 10 days with an incredible group of surfers that blew my mind this was the future of contests: warm water wave runners and cranking surf.

It also covers the discovery of Madiba’s Left on Robben Island, it was the first documented surf at a place that the old regime kept people very far away from. Beats came from the brothers in Stellenbosch Trippy Grape Records with songs from ” Wingerd Rock 2″ and “Squeeze my Tros”. Plus it has a bonus skate session with Team Chocolate: Chad Muska, Rune Glifberg and Bob Burnquest.”

Watch the whole vid here.

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