21 March, 2019 21 March, 2019

A Visionary Project to Craft a Surfboard From Ice

The Norwegian filmmakers, who brought you “North of the Sun,” are currently shooting a pretty unique documentary around the limits of surfboard design.

Between February and April 2019, the coldest months in the Arctic region, Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum are pulling together a handfull of surfers, a shaper, as well as an ice sculptor in an attempt to build surfboards from ice (ice baby).

“We know it will work, but first we have to cut out pieces of ice from a lake or something. But those blocks of ice only last around five or ten minutes. Our biggest challenge was getting the boards to last as long as possible out in the ocean, and to have time to actually surf it. So, we had to freeze it in a fishing factory” explains Wegge.

Wegge and Ranum believe that they are doing something really unique – the world’s most eco-friendly surfboards – “The waves must be good, the board should not be too thick or thin, and the surfers need some help to get enough speed in the water. But we still have to come up with a solution for the slipperiness of the whole surface.”


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