9 April, 2019 9 April, 2019

8 Minutes of 10 Point Rides

Alright, so the 2019 CT is officially underway and the first event was full up of drama. The classic “Jordy was robbed” utterance has already been thrown out, while 17-year-old Caroline Marks not only dispatched 7x World Champion Gilmore but won her first ever CT event. For a more in-depth look at what happened at the weekend during the Quiksilver Pro no better place to look than through the text penned in the Chairmans Report.

Moving on and in an effort to keep the froth alive until the next CT event keeps us all up well past the red eye, here’s 8-minutes of 10 point rides to shove in your bek. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone, airs, hacks, barrels and buzzer betters!! 


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