15 January, 2013 15 January, 2013

Wok challenges ex Springbok AJ Venter to a death match – AJ accepts

Warwick Wright might have bitten off more than he can chew with his latest self-promotion gig. He’s challenged ex-Springbok flank AJ Venter to see if he still has what it takes to deliver a bone-crunching tackle. Wok’s Facebook status this morning reads – “Seems like a good day to be tackled by an ex-Springbok rugby player! Yes, today will be that day!”, before tagging AJ in the post. AJ responded by posting this picture with the words, “I am coming for yoooooooooou Wok!”

The expected death-match will take place later this afternoon, after which you’ll either see the results on Wok’s Blog, or hear about the late Warwick Wright on this evening’s news. Zag hopes Wok chowed his supplements this morning.

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