11 May, 2014 11 May, 2014

Dead Whale Washes Up On Sunset Beach, Cape Town

A dead whale, which appears to have become tangled in some ropes, washed up on Cape Town’s Sunset Beach on Saturday (10 May).

Cape Town Beach Cleanup, who have been putting in great effort to keep some of the Mother City’s beaches tidy, were on the scene and took some photos which they uploaded to their Facebook page with the following message:

Shame – a poor whale got caught up in some rope (around its tail) and it looks like it got hit by a prop of a boat. It passed away and washed up on Sunset Beach. CoCT were on hand to remove the whale that was clearly beat up! Thanks and well done to all involved for their efforts! Its really, really sad and highlights the importance of keeping our oceans and beaches clear of ropes and rubbish…

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