8 July, 2014 8 July, 2014

Volvo Needs Your Lovely Face, Surfer Moms!

Calling all surfer moms aged between 45 – 55 years-old! An amazing opportunity has just popped into ZagSpy’s inbox. TV casting director, Jeanne Wegner, is looking for an elegent older surfer for Volvo’s latest international advertising campaign.


Check out the details below and get in contact if you fit the bill. Castings take place this week, so you better skip to it. Here is what Jeanne had to say:

Hi there,

I am a TV casting director and wondering if you might have any leads for me. We’re looking for a lovely, elegant 45-55 year-old woman surfer for VOLVO’s latest international advertising campaign.

We are casting around the country, so it doesn’t matter where they are. The type of look we are searching for can be compared to the iconic older model Yasmina Rossi.


Our lady should be a proficient surfer, but does NOT have to be a pro.

Her fee will be around R150 000 for a two day shoot later this month/early August.

We are doing first rounds of casting this week.

Any leads would be MUCH APPRECIATED.


Jeanne Wegner
082 491 3632
E-mail: jeanne@castingcapetown.com


  1. Joe
    8 July, 2014 at 1:38 pm · Reply

    2 days work for R150K… Is that correct?

    • Zigzag1976
      8 July, 2014 at 3:46 pm · Reply

      It seems so, Joe. We also took a double take, but that’s the amount in both the subject line and the body of the e-mail. It’s an international campaign, so it’s possible.

  2. Tracy London
    10 July, 2014 at 10:59 am · Reply

    A friend, Gillian Stubbs would be just perfect for this, I have told her and hope she contacts you.

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