9 October, 2014 9 October, 2014

Twiggy Wins ESPN’s Big Wave Hellmen Challenge

Like sets, the awards have been stacking up for Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker. To add to the Big Wave World Tour title he claimed earlier in 2014, Twig charged his way to victory in ESPN’s ‘Big Wave Hellmen’ Challenge this week.


The Challenge featured as a three part series on ESPN, and although Twiggy couldn’t surf in the finale in Puerto Escondido due to injury, he had already proven his mettle in the two episodes leading up to it to hold on for victory.

If you also consider the Surfline Mens Performance Award Twiggy clinched at the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards in May, you could say it’s been a BIG year so far for the Saffa charger.

Twiggy appears to be over his injury and was charging Dungeons last month.

The 2014/2015 BWWT is still in full swing though, and if a big northern hemisphere swell pulls through and either Jaws, Todos Santos or Punta Galea are called ON, then there’s every chance that his year could get even better.

In the meantime, watch this clip of Twiggy, Frank Solomon and Hawaii’s Ian Walsh searching for a new big wave discovery somewhere along the Cape coast. It was filmed recently by Taylor Steele and they called the production ‘Ghost Wave’:

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