11 December, 2013 11 December, 2013

Twiggy (and Dungeons) Features On the Cover of Surfing Magazine.

Western Cape photographer Anthony Fox captured this mad moment of Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker on a big blue bomb at Dungeons. The image features on the cover of the latest issue of Surfing Magazine – a hugely popular international publication.

“I’d just bought myself a 50mm lens and had never tried to shoot with it at Dungeons” said Ant when Zag Spy called to congratulate him on the achievement. “So I didn’t know what to expect as I was going over this wave, but I turned and snapped this photo and it came out great.”

That’s an 11’0” rhino chaser that Twig is bottom turning on as if it were a 6’5” pintail, so it’s good work all round as South Africa makes a triple appearance on a single international cover.


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