5 September, 2013 5 September, 2013

Three Arrested, as Fight to Save Maldives Island from Privatisation Continues

Last year we reported on the problem of the privatisation of many of the Maldives’ islands, and how local surfers’ rights were being violated by the fact that they were no longer permitted to surf some of the breaks they had been surfing for years. (read that here)

Well, the fight to save Thanburudhoo island from development continues, and this week three Australians were arrested by authorities who claimed they were protesting. The three Ozzies – one a filmmaker, one a surfer, and the other a surf guide – were in the Maldives shooting a documentary about the privatisation of many of the Maldives’ islands, and the authorities clearly did not like the idea of that.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel for those fighting the development on Thanburudhoo, though, as the Maldives Presidential elections are coming up this Saturday, and should President Mohamed Nasheed (who’s government initiated the proposal) not get re-elected, then chances are Thanburudhoo could be saved.



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