5 December, 2013 5 December, 2013

Thank you, Shark Spotters! Close encounter at Koel Baai

Yesterday, Wednesday 4 December at approximately 12:00, Zag photo ed Alan van Gysen was out swimming amongst the wedgy peaks at Koel Baai getting the shot, when the siren sounded and tourists atop the cliff started shouting and waving their arms. A 3-metre great white had been spotted just five metres behind AvG and surfer Johan Reyneke (Reyneke Wines) by Shark Spotter Sibusiso Myeki, approaching them from the south.


Not long prior, AvG had spent the better part of half an hour speaking to Sibusiso about the new Shark Spotters hut and any recent sightings, “the last recorded sighting was on the 2 November” said Alan. “The new hut is fantastic and today’s sighting by Sibusiso and his raising of the white shark flag just goes to show how effective and crucial a Shark Spotters program is for surfers and beachgoers in the Cape. A massive thank you to everyone who contributes to this effective and obviously successful program. Guys like Sibusiso may think it’s just another job, but he and the other spotters are saving lives.”


Sibusiso Myeki scans the lineup from the new hut erected at Koel Baai.



  1. maynu
    5 December, 2013 at 7:32 am · Reply

    I would love to volunteer to assist the spotters some time. I can be contacted on maynu26@gmail.com

  2. Hilda
    5 December, 2013 at 9:06 am · Reply

    They do an excellent job! Travel that road twice a day and always good to see them on duty there and to know they keeping our surfers/swimmers safe

  3. carden
    5 December, 2013 at 9:17 am · Reply

    um the shark was actually spotted by a guy who stopped there, and he informed the spotters, he is a bodyboarder johan and big ups to him, not the spotters

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