28 July, 2014 28 July, 2014

Suspected Teen Terrorist Arrested for US Open Threat

The 6 Star Vans US Open has again made evening news headlines, but not for surfing reasons. Following the riot that sparked after the final of last year’s event, a teen was arrested last week for making a terrorist threat aimed at the event on Facebook.

Rioters ruined the show at the 2013 US Open.

According to the Huntington Beach Independent, the teen’s threat was first noticed by an intelligence division of the New York Police Department, who initially viewed it as a threat against the US Open of Tennis – which may have caused Bobby Martinez to smirk. On further investigation, they discovered the 16 year-old Huntington Beach local was talking about the surfing event, and he was arrested under suspicion of a terrorist attack.

A handgun, a shotgun, and electronic devices were seized from the boy’s home as evidence, although the weapons were legally obtained by family members. The suspects past activity on Facebook may land him in hot water though. It’s not a good idea to post reportedly “dark” and “disturbing” status updates along with pictures of yourself holding firearms. Read more on Surfer.com>>

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