22 April, 2013 22 April, 2013

Surfer dangles from leash after Durban pier jump

The second surfer in as many weeks was left dangling by his leash from Durban’s piers this Sunday. The incident occurred after a surfer had stepped through the pier railings without his board, then turned back and lifted his board over the railings – effectively creating a loop around the top railing. When it came time to jump, the surfer’s board was ripped from their hands and wedged itself against the railings, leaving the surfer dangling.

Luckily he was able to untie his leash strap and drop into the rip, where his plight continued as he struggled to swim against the current. The unfortunate surfer was then helped to shore, lesson learnt.

*Zag Spy schemes we should all pay a little bit more attention when jumping from Durban’s piers, especially since he sends this report sporting a neck brace after an off-axis leap left him with whiplash. Safe jumping, yo!

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  1. Steve Killick
    11 July, 2013 at 12:58 pm · Reply

    Hahahahahahahaha….I used to jump off the piers for years and never had such an incident. Never saw anybody else do that either. Did see some idiots without boards jumping in occassionally including one I rescued that kept getting sucked out and was yelling “Help me, Help me”…….

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