20 June, 2019 20 June, 2019

Stingray Found Dead with Stomach Full of Trash

If this doesn’t unsettle you, then I’d suggest you go look in the mirror and feel your forehead for horns, cause you’re the devil! It’s safe to say that there is no more denying that we are raw dogging the ocean. An unsavory percentage of marine life is negatively impacted by us bipedal apes every single day. And this right here is further evidence of that claim. The war against plastic is happening but we need to do even more before its too late.

With its stomach containing a book, camera, bottle, and a packet of cigarettes it’s no wonder the stingray died.  In all likelihood we never getting off this rock we call Earth and neither is any other creature unless dolphins fly off saying ‘thanks for all the fish’. Begging the question, what’s the point being the most powerful creatures (notice how we didn’t say smartest) on earth, if we only use that power recklessly? Most of us have already started to do something in order to help but we need to step it up! Agree? 

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