6 November, 2015 6 November, 2015

South African-Made Surfboards Sold in the Arctic Circle

Zag Spy is yet to confirm whether South African-made surfboards can be purchased at the southernmost surf shop in the world as well, but you will be able to get your hands on a quality Derek Girven-shaped stick in the northernmost surf shop on earth.

Frost Surfboards is owned by Kristian Breivik of Unstad Bay in the Lofoten Islands, Norway – two degrees above the polar circle at 68.16° north.

Kristian in front of his shop, stoked on his Derek Girven-shaped Frost surfboard.

Not only does Kristian ensure that he himself is sorted for boards when the perfect swells pull into Unstad Bay, but also the increasing trickle of surf tourists who’ve discovered this beautiful place in the polar circle with frosty but perfect surf.

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