16 June, 2014 16 June, 2014

Shark Clears Supertubes Lineup, Momentarily

With less than a month to go before the Dream Tour returns to J-Bay for the first time since Jordy’s victory at the Billabong Pro in 2011, news of a big shark patrolling the Supertubes lineup on Sunday has travelled across the globe.

A crowd of around 50 surfers vacated the water within minutes after a large shark, reported to be a great white, was spotted. The waves were cooking though, so it wasn’t long before surfers, encouraged by Twiggy who’d paddled out with a shark pod, returned to the lineup once again without further incident.

The lineup cleared quickly after a shark was spotted on Sunday. © Kane Bennewith

Sharks are not a topic surfers like to think about while out in the lineup, but this recent incident (along with a history of sightings and an attack in 2013) is likely be at the back of the minds of some of the WCT competitors that will contest the J-Bay Open from 10 – 21 July.

See more photos of the lineup being evacuated on www.surfermag.com

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