5 August, 2014 5 August, 2014

Seeking Dunes Rescuer for Heartfelt Thank You

Cape Town’s Richard Bowsher was surfing at Dunes around lunchtime last Monday (28th July) when he perforated an eardrum in the impact zone, became disorientated and struggled to find the surface.

The powerful waves at Dunes have a history of broken bones and serious beatings.

Richard told Zag Spy that he was in the early stages of drowning when a local surfer pulled him to the surface and paddled him to the beach. If you are (or know) Richard’s kind rescuer, he would very much like to get in touch to thank you again – this time minus the disorientation and coughing up seawater. Please drop Zag a line on calvin@zigzag.co.za with your details so he can make contact.

 *update: Thanks for sharing, we’ve found our rescuer. Chris Sharpe, you’re a hero bru!


  1. Ross
    5 August, 2014 at 8:41 pm · Reply

    Get that man a Bells

  2. Local
    6 August, 2014 at 11:02 am · Reply

    Get him 2

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