7 January, 2015 7 January, 2015

Ricky ‘Bobby’ Basnett Blames It On The Boogie

While enjoying a fun summer session along Durban’s Bluff on Monday morning, Zag Spy spotted an old friend cruising at warp speed on a glassy right. It was former Dream Tour surfer, Ricky ‘Bobby’ Basnett, and he was wearing a leopard print tank top and riding a boogie board.


“Did you lose a bet or something,” we asked Ricky Bobby. “Nah,” he replied, “just having a bit of fun.”

The boogie belongs to good friend, Scott Venter, and it’s a Cavin Yap signature stand-up model, so it’s not your average sponge.

“It goes so fast!” Ricky told us after another sick wave. “I even popped an air off the back of one.”

Ricky’s been making some delicious gourmet burgers in his backyard on the Bluff, and if you’re in the area on a Friday or Saturday you should pull in and treat yourself. Find them on Facebook here>>

Burger Backyard1

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