24 June, 2019 24 June, 2019

Ricky Basnett Joins Channel Islands

(ZAG) Congrats on joining the CI team, hows it feel?

(Ricky) Hell yeah Ricky Bobby joining Channel Islands surfboards, can’t believe it! Being able to ride some of the boards designed for Curren back in the day is too much to handle!

Any other moves going on in the background?

Ja myself and Justin McGee have teamed up and started FRFM Studios, keep an eye out we gona be bringing the heat!

Whats on Ricky Bobby’s calender for the year?

Got one or two little local missions coming up, filming a few more clips and then heading out on a Vans Team trip later this year to somewhere tropical, should be a fun one.

Winter on the Bluff looks like it’s been going pretty good so far?

Ja man there’s been a couple really crazy days so far, hoping we line up for the best ones in July though, please I wanna go fasssssst!

Tell us a little more about the Black Beauty

So this is the board that Tom and Al designed back in the 80’s.. it’s all about speed, power and flow. Probably the best board I’ve ever ridden at the Rock.

What hairstyles next, maybe go bald with a sick head tat?

You’ve hit the nail on the head my friend! ( excuse the pun).

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