18 February, 2016 18 February, 2016

Nigeria’s Godpower Making International Waves

After Zag visited John Micheletti and the Lagos crew with Ricky Basnett in 2011, CNN Africa caught up with Tarkwa Bay local, Godpower, who talks about the joys of surfing and the school he’s running to help spread the stoke that side. During the interview, Godpower also makes mention of his feature in the Zag which, according to the reporter, makes him famous. Watch below to check it out for yourself:

CNN Africa’s interview with Godpower. Surf footage credited as Zigzag was shot by former Ed, Will Bendix.

Godpower, enjoying a pitching wedge at his home break in Nigeria.

One of the spreads from Anarchy and A-Frames, featured back in 2011. Click image to see larger version.

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