22 January, 2014 22 January, 2014

Near Drowning For Parko As Leash Snags Rock

Surfing is dangerous, even if you’re one of the most seasoned pros – just ask 2012 ASP world champ, Joel Parkinson, who had a close call this past Sunday while surfing on the coast of New South Wales.

Parko was charging one of the first big swells of the year on Australia’s east coast, when he wiped out and took a tumble. His leash then became caught on the reef while he was getting rag-dolled – which left him in a bit of a tangle.

“I couldn’t get up,” Joel explained to the Gold Coast Bulletin. “I only had about 10 ­seconds of air left. I didn’t think I was going to get back up.”

Being trapped underwater is one of the only times a surfer would willingly wish for their leash to snap, and luckily for Parko, his finally gave way just before he started to drift towards the light.

Be safe out there while shredding, folks.


PS: Parko will be looking for revenge at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast when the Dream Tour kicks off on 1 March 2014.


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