2 July, 2012 2 July, 2012


Africa’s longest, hollowest wave played host to some of the very best surfers in the world recently. Billabong XXL winner Nathan Fletcher was there, and joined the likes of Craig Anderson and Zag sharpshooter AVG at the infamous Skleton Bay on a hush-hush mission. It didn’t turn out to be so hush-hush though as many others had the same idea and pulled in from far and wide.
It all came at a price though. Too many broken boards to count, and Donovan Zoetmulder also used his head as a handbrake when he connected with the dangerously shallow sandbar. He was knocked concuss and couldn’t remember a thing, but went out surfing again later. AVG also paid the price when he woke up at 1am with blood pouring from his eye. Apparently he’d been bitten by a nasty Nam spider while shooting that poisoned his thyroid gland. Nam is not for pussies.



  1. Kai
    9 July, 2012 at 12:27 pm · Reply

    everyone knows of this spot by now(to much publishing and media coverage), time we give it its original name Donkey Bay! The wave certainly lives up to the old donkeys kick…

  2. David
    9 July, 2012 at 2:18 pm · Reply

    Every one knows now!!! This weekend saw 80 guys on the beach by 8h30. Half of them pros. This was grazy! And to top that it wasn’t even good, blown out by 14h00 and flat the next day. I see a lot of wasted petrol driving here for that. The Brazalians have now also caught on and we all know what fun they are in the water. Well, I suppose this is what surf media does. Create something to sell their mags! Cant blame them as every one nowadays are in it for a quick buck. Its just sad that it came to this.

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