30 October, 2015 30 October, 2015

Mike Larmont Discovers Dead Body In His Surf Shop

For the past four decades, Mike Larmont has opened the doors to his surf shop at 98 Dr Pixley Kaseme Street (formerly West Street) for business. You can imagine during that time he has seen some strange things, but never a dead body.

“Finding a dead body yesterday, it doesn’t even come as a surprise,” said Mike to East Coast Radio Newswatch. “There are two ways it could have happened; his foot could’ve got caught in the corrugated sheets and he fell head first, or he could have been part of gang warfare and was thrown out the window from the 14th floor.”

Mike Larmont was one of Durban’s standout surfers in the seventies and into the eighties, when this Zag centrespread was shot.

All that is clear at this point is that the deceased man fell through the roof of Mike’s store to his death. The man is believed to be in his twenties and police are currently investigating.

Mike has been in business a long time – Here’s an advert that appeared in Zigzag Volume 3 No. 2 (circa 1978).

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