17 January, 2013 17 January, 2013

Mavericks Big Wave Invitational ON this Sunday

The Mavericks Big Wave Invitational has been given the green light for this Sunday. A massive purple blob on the Pacific swell forecast has Twiggy and Chris Bertish (as well as the rest of the invited chargers) hurriedly preparing for what could be a massive day in Northern California.
Reigning champ Chris and past champ Twiggy will be looking to add to their titles with another heroic feat, while fellow Saffas Andy Marr (8th) and Frank Solomon (17th) are way down the list of alternates, so it doesn’t look likely that they will get to compete.
Stay tuned to www.surfline.com this Sunday for the live webcast. In the meantime check out mavericksinvitational.com to find out more.

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