2 July, 2014 2 July, 2014

Matt Bromley Puts Injury Time To Good Use – Helps Others

Instead of sulking on the couch playing X-Box after an ankle injury ruled him out of surfing action, Kommetjie charger, Matt Bromley, put his injury time to good use this past Monday.

Ironically, Bromdog charges some of the meanest waves Cape Town has to offer, but injured himself on a two-foot puddle of a wave after an aerial attempt blew out his ankle.


“I’m out of action for two months, so I teamed-up with my buddy, Yani Trout, and we went to visit the 9Miles Project crew,” explained Matt. “I told a couple surf stories to the boys, showed them some footage, and tried to share some inspiration about finding your passion and chasing your dreams.”

After hanging out with the groms, Bromdog went to nearby Strandfontein and shared some blankets with some of the residents to help ward off the icy chill of the notorious Cape Winter. Matt tells us that they’re going to be collecting more blankets, as well as clothes, food and other supplies for these guys throughout Winter.

Zag Spy says rock on, Bromdog!


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