24 April, 2018 24 April, 2018

Marijuana-Scented Surf Wax is Now a Thing

A Huntington Beach surfer, Dave Reynolds, approached a random dude in a parking lot a few years back, asking him to smell his wax, when the homie replied “Mmmm, marijuana,” he knew he had got it right-on.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present Weed Waxx. Incredibly, the Weed Waxx is a decade in the making and with California easing its laws earlier this year — and the stigma against marijuana becoming less and less around the world — Reynolds thought it was the right time to light a fire under his business.

His first idea stank as he went too far afield ordering a skunk smell off the internet. Following this, through a little research, he found that fragrance labs existed and could help weed out that irie smell he was looking for. “They do nothing but develop scents for hundreds of products, from cleaning supplies to perfumes and lotions,” he said. “It is made using premium natural waxes, organic hemp seed oil, and our proprietary ‘Blue Dream’ scent. And it offers the perfect amount of traction for the modern surfer,” Reynolds notes.

Dane Reynolds even received a sample and gave it a thumbs up. 



Dane Reynolds stoked on weed Waxx

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While the waxes are made with hemp seed oil, there are no illegal substances in the product. So if you manage to get your hands on some whatever you do, don’t try and smoke it. 

“Some people think I’m completely nuts and some people think I’m a genius,” he said. “I get all kinds of reactions from it.”



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