8 April, 2015 8 April, 2015

Less Bintang, More Barrels; Indo Beer Ban Expected

You’re going to be seeing far less of those jealousy-inducing ‘wish you were here’ Instagram posts featuring a perfect Indo lineup and a raised Bintang in the future.


That’s because a new regulation expected to come into effect next week will prohibit the sale of the famous brew (and beer in general) from convenience stores and small corner shops.

The good news is that it’s not a total ban, bru, so you’ll still be able to wet your whistle with the golden beverage. Bintang will be sold at supermarkets and hypermarkets (as is the case with wine and spirits), and of course in restaurants at marked-up prices. So you’re either going to have to pay a premium, or stock-up when you do come across a supermarket.

You’ll still be able to enjoy a Bintang at restaurants and bars.

Bali’s provincial government, meanwhile, has requested an exemption from the ban.

How this will effect the sale of Bintang vests and tourism in general is yet to be learned.


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