15 March, 2013 15 March, 2013

Kelly Slater confronts journalist who calls him ‘textbook doping suspect’

Kelly Slater called out an Australian journalist during a post-heat interview at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, before telling him that his article featured ‘poor writing’, amongst a few sterner words. Kelly was angered by one particular sentence The Australian journalist Will Swanton included in this article about drug testing on the ASP World Tour – ‘At 41 and still ranked No 2 in the world, Slater would appear to match the profile of a textbook doping suspect.’ wrote Swanton. Check out the video at the bottom of this article for the 11-time world champ’s reaction to the statement.

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  1. David Yates
    16 March, 2013 at 10:00 pm · Reply

    Will Swanton = pathetic hack
    quote from his article in the Australian – Kelly Slater reportedly claimed last week that recreational drug abuse was “rampant” on tour. He has subsequently denied saying it. ……. No what he said it was rampant within the sport of surfing.
    As it is in football
    If Will spent 15 minutes researching his subject he would find that Slater is increadibly disciplined about diet and health and very particular about what hi ingests
    I discovered this in a chance meeting last Sunday on a secluded back beach where Kelly was free surfing . He was happy to chat with me for 45 mins on the beach about all manner of things, eg. he is strictly gluten free, dairy free (except for the occasional icecream) and sugar free , is very well informed and opinionated on matters such as vaccinations and other medical matters.
    Hats off to Slater for calling Mr Swanton out – it was a crap piece of writing in total – not just because of the veiled accusations.
    Maybe the outsider could mentor Swanton to bring his writing abilities beyond that of primary high school level

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