15 January, 2014 15 January, 2014

Kai Linder Wins Zag’s ‘Shit Outta Luck’ Award for January.

Just three days before boarding a flight to Morocco for a much anticipated surf trip, Llandudno local Kai Linder first tweaked his ankle badly, then two days later got robbed of his already packed luggage – which included his travel money.

A little bump in the road won’t stop Captain Kai though, as he proved last September when his car caught on fire while driving to J-Bay, but that wasn’t enough to stop him from getting to the world’s best right point.

Hard luck, Kai, but at least you’ve got those fine Moroccan pointbreaks to lift your spirits for the next couple of days.


Kai’s bad news this week (above) and his hotrod alongside the N2 last September (below).


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