9 January, 2015 9 January, 2015

Josh Redman Catches Cracks at Keiki, Wins US$200

At grinding and gurgling Keiki shorebreak on the North Shore of Hawaii yesterday, Josh Redman won US$200 for ‘Best Wipeout’ at the Catch Surf, Catch Cracks Keiki Pro – organised by Jamie O’Brien.


Looks like a deserved winner to us. Josh goes down at Keiki.

Keiki is the notorious shorebreak where photographer Clark Little captures many of his famous images, and where the bodyboarders spend their leisure time when they’re not charging one of the more crowded and surfable spots.

How’s this for a shorebreak!

The event will no doubt be featuring in one of Jamie O’Brien’s upcoming episodes of Who is JOB, and judging by the images taken by Tyler Walker it’s going to be one that is not to be missed.

Josh also won a styling pink Catch Surf softie board for his efforts.

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