22 September, 2012 22 September, 2012

J-Bay Surfer Saved From Potential Shark Attack By Dolphin

A dolphin saved a J-Bay local from a potential shark attack at The Point this morning. Local surfer Elke Schoeman was heading in towards the gulley at Lower Point when a dolphin that was swimming alongside her swam into the path of a lurking shark, taking a bite from the attacker that may potentially have been aimed at Elke. Thankfully Elke made it to shore unharmed, but with plenty of gratitude to her dolphin friend’s sacrifice. Read the full report on jbaynews.com>>

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  1. Dayne Olsen
    22 September, 2012 at 7:25 pm · Reply

    was surfing while it happened nd never beleived it until i spoke to her

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