15 January, 2015 15 January, 2015

Guiness World Record Attempt

Sweden based Sarah Button flew over to visit her family in SA this year, and coincidentally attempted a surfing Guinness World Record. In the midst of family stoke, the gathering of relatives decided to try get as many family members as possible up-and-riding on the same wave. It was go big or go home at this year’s reunion, as seventeen of them managed to take off together on what looks like a half foot foamie. Although the wave itself doesn’t exactly get one frothing, Zagspy certainly digs the spirit and effort shown by this unlikely group of surf rats.

Surfing etiquette stepped aside for the frontline of family record-attempters.

While Sarah and the rest of the family wait patiently for the verdict from Guinness, Zagspy has never heard of such a large number of family members squeezing onto the same line of foam before. We await to hear if it is in fact a new world record.

Smiles all-round for the Button’s and their fellow brethren.

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