21 August, 2013 21 August, 2013

Gary van Wieringen trades his 2011 ISA World Masters Bronze in for Silver Medal

South Coast ripper Gary van Wieringen has just traded in his 2011 ISA World Masters bronze medal for a shinier silver version.

That’s because 2011 Masters division champ, Mark Richardson from Australia, was stripped of the gold medal he won at the 2011 ISA World Masters Surfing Champs in El Salvador, after an announcement was made this week that he’d failed a WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) drug test following his victory.

The results were made public this week, and it was officially announced that Gary has now earned the silver medal, with the gold going to former silver medalist, now 2011 champ, Carlos Cabrero from Puerto Rico.

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This is Gary doing what he does best near home.

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